Material – Space – Light

My objective in this work was to make objects that would present space and light as tangible elements within the context of a rich materiality.

The vessel is the starting-point for this work. I am working with its volumetric and material qualities both to explore and extend the vessel itself, and as a staging ground for my active elements of material, space and light.

I followed several strategies to achieve these effects. In order to activate the space inside each object, I increased the mass of each object well beyond that which is normal in ceramic vessels. I find that spaces that are bound tightly by mass take on a charged quality.

In order to activate light within each object, I worked with flat planes and sharp angles and edges. This creates surfaces that are oriented at different directions, making a structure where light will reflect off some surfaces while others are cast in shadow.

At their heart, I intend these objects as sites offering the viewer the chance to engage in an experience of strong perceptual awareness. We live in a busy, complicated world, where information comes at us from many directions. At times, our contact with the world can take on a quick and fleeting quality.  This work is a paring away of excess information. It is not unsophisticated, but it is simple. This allows the elements of material, space and light to feature prominently. Because there is no excess or disparate information presented, it allows us to see more of what is there, to be aware of our surroundings at a deep level.